Project Description


CLIENT: Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Power Plant Nikola Tesla

DATE: 2019

Conceptual solutions Preliminary design
Main Design

Railway Station “Obrenovac” is a station on the Industrial track, at which coal is unloaded for the purposes of Power Plant “Nikola Tesla”, as well as receiving and dispatching trains, in order to provide coal transportation.

The existing “Obrenovac” station has five main tracks with the length from 316 m to 504 m, and five sidetracks for receiving, unloading, dispatching trains, performing maneuvers, etc. Within the station there is a depot, with its own group of tracks.

The aim of the design was to reconstruct the station and build additional tracks, due to the planned construction of the desulphurization plant at “Obrenovac” station, where the limestone from the railway cars, necessary for the desulphurization process, are unloaded via the unloading bunker.

Apart from the new tracks and displacement of the existing internal road, the Design covers the construction of new freight car scales, the unloading bunkers as well as the facilities for the overseeing of the unloading process.