NING Lltd. is a full service engineering and consulting company, encompassing the areas of highway and railway design. The Company grants service through all design development phases, from conception to completion, and beyond.

Our goal is to deliver high quality, but still cost effective solutions, with a vision to be recognized as a leading designing and consulting company in the region, able to cover the complete lifecycle of civil engineering projects.

We are fully licensed (by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure) for road and railway designing and railway construction. By means of our subsidiary Company Plan Invest Ltd. those licenses are extended to the region (Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Republic of Srpska and Brcko DC).

Since its founding in 1997 NING has been dedicated to excellence in Professional Engineering service for the Government, Industry and private clients in the region. We continually strive to improve our technical expertise through innovation, following new technologies, continuing education and hiring the best and brightest people.