Project Description


CLIENT: Power Construction Corporation of China Limited

DATE: 2019

Preliminary Solution Preliminary Design

Camp is located within the construction site of the bypass around Belgrade on the E70 / E75 motorway (Sectors 4, 5 and 6) and provides access to city and construction site for the main contractor, Power Construction Corporation of China Limited Ogranak Beograd.

The camp includes worksite facilities for accommodation of the contractor during the construction phase of Belgrade bypass.

Total facilities area covers more than 2 100 m2 on 20 000 m2 of land, and provides office space, sleeping accommodations, a canteen, recreation, parking areas (1 000 m2), etc. all connected by 3 000 m2 of internal streets.

Buildings are designed as prefabricated (formed from prefabricated containers) connected to the city infrastructure (power supply, lighting, telecommunication, water, sewer system, etc.) whereby all environmental conditions are met.

The Design is composed of: Structural Design, Road Design, Landscaping, Sewer Treatment Design, Water Supply Design, Telecommunication, Power supply and Lighting.