Project Description


CLIENT: City of Belgrade, Belgrade City Administration, Secretary for Invesments

DATE: 2018 – 2020

CONSORTIUM: Joint Venture “Ratko Mitrović niskogradnja ltd – COLAS Rail SA”


The carriageway of the Slavija square roundabout consists of 3 lanes intended for car traffic (the inner part of the roundabout) and 2 lanes intended for the movement of public transport that includes tram track (the outer part of the roundabout).

The tram track on Slavija square roundabout connects Boulevard Oslobodjenja and Beogradska street with 4 switches and 247.9 m of track on the same surface with the rest of the carriageway.

Ruzveltova street was reconstructed in full length (around 1575 m) and includes integrated tram tracks running on outer edges of the street with turnaround at the end of the street. Same as Boulevard Oslobodjenja, tram track lanes are designed only for public transport.

The street contains 4 car traffic lanes and 2 tram track lanes in total width of 15.75 m ,with sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Part of the works included construction of the square on one side of the roundabout, as a public space for pedestrian.

The reconstruction of all streets included replacement and improvement of the entire infrastructure.

As Built Design included: Road and Tram Track, Pavement, Landscaping, Structural, Sewer Treatment, Water Supply, Telecommunication, Public lighting, Power supply infrastructure, Signalization and Safety Signaling.

Reconstruction included several City streets in Belgrade. The Slavija Square roundabout, is a place where seven streets meet. This roundabout is one of the city’s busiest traffic junctions and together with Boulevard Oslobodjenja, that is also part of reconstruction, connects a large part of the city center with the city motorway.

All together this junction point makes one of the most burdened traffic areas.

Six streets are reconstructed in the length of 100 – 300 m in the square zone with upgrading traffic flow in the whole area.

The seventh street, Boulevard Oslobodjenja was reconstructed in the length of 923 m with an upgraded number of traffic lanes to 6 (tram lanes included). Tram tracks lanes run on both sides of the street (outer edges) and they are designed only for public transport vehicles (trams, buses, taxi vehicles).

Total width of the carriageway is 18.6 m with sidewalks and bicycle lanes.