Project Description


CLIENT: Bechtel ENKA UK Limited, Belgrade-Serbia Branch

DATE: 2020

Preliminary Solution, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design

M-5 highway (Pojate – Kruševac – Kraljevo – Čačak) is important west-Morava corridor, which is laying at E-765 European highway direction and presents connection between Belgrade – Niš and future highway Belgrade – south Adriatic sea (Čačak – Požega).

Our client Bechtel ENKA UK Limited – Belgrade branch, as main investor has unveiled exciting project – Temporary construction camp “Kruševac”. This camp will be supporting hub for all future E – 765 highway construction phases.

Temporary Camp Krusevac

N-ING LTD has provided Preliminary solution, Preliminary and Detailed design for Temporary construction camp – KRUŠEVAC, which is part of PHASE 2, E – 761 (Pojate – Preljina) highway construction. This phase includes construction of offices, staff accommodation and other construction site buildings, as well as all facilities necessary to support overall camp functionality. Total construction area is 218982.60 m2.

A few different functional zones are divided into accommodation and business zone at the south and warehouse – workshop zone at the camp north side. Total accommodation capacity is for over 1400 staff members, along with offices, recreational space, prayer rooms, bus station, parking lots (with capacity for max. 40 buses and 150 car spots), laboratories and other staff buildings.